Our Schools

We have worked with the following schools and organizations recently:

  • Whittier International Elementary School Boulder, CO

  • Alicia Sanchez International Elementary School Lafayette, CO

  • YMCA of Boulder Valley Boulder, CO

  • Watershed School Boulder, CO

  • Boulder Jewish Community Center Boulder, CO

  • Casey Middle School Period Zero Boulder, CO

  • Centennial Middle School Period Zero Boulder, CO



Students and parents applaud Acting Out Theatre Company.

“My group was having fun until it was time to leave the class.” —Elmere, 6th Grade

"The best thing was getting to do something, not just sit." —Alex, 8th Grade

"You may not know this but you changed my life at home! We usually buy groceries every day, and at the end of the week, if you were to add up the expense, it’s just extremely overwhelming! Now, we are starting to buy groceries every week and we’ll compare the prices." —Naomi, 6th Grade

"Two thumbs up! The production was great. Thanks for committing to our kids." —Macie’s Dad

"Not only was our director professional and timely but also enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful in her direction and communication with parents." — Britt’s Mom

"I would like more time. Like for two days you would come in?" — Elliot, 2nd Grade

“Thank you for putting your time and effort into our class. We are quite a pain the rear.” — Connor, 4th Grade

"My daughter Sophia gave the class a '10.' She said it was awesome and cannot wait to participate in the next play. This was her first play, and she is sad that it's over. Sophia is very excited for the next play opportunity in the spring." —Sophia’s Mom

"My favorite part was pretending to shop because it showed me why my parents don’t always buy the things I want, because they’re expensive."  —Jacy, 6th Grade

“We like how inclusive your activity was for all types of students.” —Josh and Andy (special ed)